Open and unrestrained. Natural and relaxed. Spontaneous and instinctive behavior. Liberated self expression. 

What Kind of Retreat is This?

Uninhibited is a four and a half day movement-based experience that is held twice a year on the island of Maui. A significant part of the retreat is held outdoors and each day includes two hours of free-form dance. Several of the retreat's activities (including most meals) take place in the facilitator's home in South Kihei. Individually and together, it is a full-on inquiry and adventure into who we are, what we want in our lives and what holds us back from having it. This is not a lie-on-the-beach-while-sipping-Mai Tais retreat. This is a genuine and generous dive into our ways of being in the world and how they serve us and others or not. It's a serious and yet, oh-so sweet pleasure trip. The retreat is limited to 8 participants.   

Why be uninhibited? 

You have one life to live and whether or not you want to think about it, you have an expiration date. A friend of mine once told me, "We all have one year left to live. We just don't know when that one year begins." I've never forgotten his words. Consider this for a moment...

If today was the day your one year began, would you begin living your life any differently? Chances are you probably would.  Changes are often made when we have to, not necessarily when we feel like making them. We are creatures of comfort and our tendency to cling to the status quo inhibits us from feeling more free. Now consider this...

If freedom truly resides within each of us, why is it that so often we feel stuck or incapable of taking action or even just expressing ourselves?  We withhold telling others how we feel. We hold ourselves back from doing what our heart longs to do. We believe freedom is to be found elsewhere.

Being uninhibited isn't about having to make changes so you can feel more free.  

It's also not about doing or saying anything you damn well please without regard for others. Being uninhibited doesn't give you license to be an ass and it doesn't make you better than anyone else.   

Being uninhibited is about becoming more of who you already are. 

And when you get that, freedom within you will soar. Being uninhibited is living what is true for you while also being mindful that others are living their truths. Being uninhibited is allowing yourself to see others and be seen by others just as they and you are; perfectly imperfect.  

Being uninhibited is a way of being in the world where feeling truly free is your every day existence. 

If you want to experience...

  • A deeper connection to your longings
  • Heart-expanding, soul-stirring conversations 
  • Being in close community with others 
  • Laughter and tears simultaneously
  • A better understanding of your strengths, shortcomings and sense of self 
  • Creative and fun ways to play
  • Ecstatic dance outdoors  
  • The beauty and power of nature
  • Unexpected delight and insights
  • Renewed feelings of joy and aliveness
  • Truth-telling, secret-sharing and a bit o' daring behavior

...come be a part of the next Uninhibited Retreat.

Be who you are and say how you feel
because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
— Bernard Baruch