Praise from Past Participants 


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Raven Tahara

What I treasure most from my Uninhibited Retreat experience was experiencing powerful, vulnerable, and authentic transparency from every single participant. There is a saying, “You cannot lead where you will not go” and Lila goes there with heart and soul and fearlessly blazes a trail for everyone else. My take away? When I forget my Power, I remember how I danced Unstoppable. When I forget my Wisdom, I remember my response to “Who Are You?” When I forget my Heart, I remember how I was truly seen and saw it reflected back to me.

I have invested a great deal in retreats over many years, and I can say that nothing I have ever done has compared to what I experienced in four days with Uninhibited. Do it. Don’t wait.



Lila's retreat offers an amazing opportunity to show up for yourself. To commune with nature, to dance yourself awake and to open your heart. At the Uninhibited Retreat I was able to sink deeply into my own creativity and a deeper river of self flowing beneath my everyday experience. The support from Lila in all ways - food, sleep, rest, nature, whales, deep introspection and full support from a group of deeply caring women she brought together was the perfect combination for transformation. I look forward to my next retreat with Lila at her amazing place in Maui. 


Denise Lofman

Thank you - for waking me up. I'd fallen asleep and didn't know it. Thank you - for helping me reconnect with my joy, my happiness, my fierceness, my warrior, myself. Thank you - for creating a safe space where I found deep, soulful connection that I need so much and often cannot find, at least recently because I was asleep.I feel reborn. I feel new.  I was able to collect so many parts of me that been scattered by life, living, and my former daily grind. Oh, but I've woken up and remembered that when I play - life, even the hard parts, have ease and joy.  I am Uninhibited.  Thank you for allowing me to fully see you and to see me in you, and you in me.


Amy Rasch

It's difficult for me to find words to describe my experience at Uninhibited. But one word that I keep coming back to is 'connection.' Connection to nature, to my body, to my breath, to my heart and maybe most wonderfully to the other beautiful souls that went on that journey with me. I danced, I cried, I laughed, I pondered and all in the most intimate, safe space created by Lila.  I am forever changed, open to what is within me and outside of me, giving and receiving, sharing acceptance. Thank you is not enough, but thank you, I am so grateful for the experience.



Dinah Urell

The Inhabitant. Upon returning to “home town” my attempts to describe to friends and associates my trip to Maui, even if one could manifest the best description of UNINHIBITED, would not do it justice. The long-lasting outcome of my experience as participant in UNINHIBITED is the best I can offer.

The strong desire to connect, play, and develop practices in my daily life graciously resonate. The importance of finding and feeling heart, through whatever activity, be it the work one does for a living, or the work one does to feel alive, UNINHIBITEDprovided a key. This key is the one we symbolically hold in our hand, knowing that there is a companion, to which we insert our intention. A key to the mystery. Its enough to know that we all hold the key, and that there are many locks and many doors, but the important thing is to unlock. Then we enter the sacred, the deeply personal, the collective, the universal dance.

UNINHIBITED is brothers and sisters together, dancing in the sun, eating good food, laughing, crying, and taking big risks. It has a dynamic and life of its own, of which Lila Danielle brilliantly designs to guide and nurture the inhabitant in the exploration, being-ness and nature of what is uninhibited.