On a whim...

"I'm going."

This two-word phrase could be my epitaph. It wouldn't be grammatically-correct because of course, I would already be gone, but it would reflect one of my life's most frequent verbal and behavioral expressions. Since I was a small child, I've bounced around somewhat akin to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Easily bored, always eager to try something new and explore the next best thing, the expression "I'm going" fits my personality to a tee.  

I appreciate spur-of-the-moment ideas, instinct and gut reactions, and spontaneous acts of what others might deem ridiculous and/or irresponsible behavior. I appreciate them because I do them myself quite frequently and I admire them because I think listening and acting on what feels right in the moment is incredibly brave.

The next Uninhibited Retreat is now just five weeks away and it's not too late to come to Maui and join us. There's still time to...

break the rules * ask your boss for time off * be daring * do something you really want to do * tell your spouse/partner "i'm going"

If you want or need four and a half of days of playing in paradise, spelunking into the depths of yourself in the sweet and safe company of others and you want to dance perhaps like you've never danced before, I invite you...no, on a whim, I'm challenging you to follow that 'odd or capricious notion or desire, that sudden or freakish fancy' to come be a part of Uninhibited October 23-27.  I'm taking the next two weeks to finalize the plans for the retreat. You have two more weeks to say yes to this offering. 

I'd love to receive a call or email from you saying, "I'm going!"  My phone number is 808.268.4356 and you can connect with me via email here. 

We Are What We're Waiting For

Whatever it is we're waiting for -  wishing, hoping, praying, please-oh-please-can-I-have-it-now for...is right under our noses. Actually, it's a little further down than that. Our deepest desires, most ardent aspirations and fierce fancies hang out in our hearts. We may think they live in our heads (because many of us, myself included, spend a lot of time in that analytical space), but our bodies are smarter than that.  

Our bodies know where desire or pain or hunger lives because our bodies feel.

But we don't trust our bodies as easily as we trust our heads. Thanks in large part to the media, we are exposed at a fairly young age not to love our bodies. No matter what we look like, there's a lotion, potion, magical cure to make our bodies better!  We begin believing that what we see and hear from others is the truth rather than tuning in to what's really true for us. Were we to trust the wisdom of our feelings more so than the erroneous stories we make up, we'd save ourselves a lot of grief and wasted time.

Time. When we're young we think we have an endless supply of it.  As we age, we feel its finite nature. Perhaps you are at a place in your life where you're tired of waiting. Perhaps you are hungering for some time to explore what holds you back and what moves you forward. Perhaps you really want to feel the truth of your being.   

What is it that you're waiting for? What might your heart, that pulsing life center of longing, want for you? 

In the spirit of Uninhibited (which sometimes means I say what I need to say, not necessarily what I want to admit), what I've been waiting for is for others to find out about this retreat without me having to tell them about it more than a couple of times.  (I know this is not how marketing works, but I wanted to believe that.)

What I want is a retreat full of curious travelers who are ripe for adventure and are ready to listen to their own wisdom.  If that describes you and if a $100 discount off the retreat fee is enticing, be in touch with me before August 31 because that's when the discount will disappear. You don't have much time to wait!  


Fuck the Marshmallows

I love marshmallows and wouldn't mind sleeping on a bed made out of them or playing with them in bed. 

I love marshmallows and wouldn't mind sleeping on a bed made out of them or playing with them in bed. 

I wish I could say I came up with the three words in this post's title, but it was Steven Pressfield. In his latest book, Turning Pro - Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life's Work, he uses these three words to make the point that the work we do in the world isn't about the marshmallows (i.e., the rewards of our labor) it's about the labor itself. He tells the story of a researcher who ran an experiment that had children sit in front of one yummy marshmallow. If they were able to wait for three minutes and not eat the marshmallow while the researcher was outside the room, they would be rewarded with two marshmallows when he returned.

So what does this story illustrate and what do marshmallows have to do with the Uninhibited Retreat?  

First question answered: The painter paints. The writer writes. The dancer dances.  The children wait. The reward is not the painting nor the book nor the dance nor the marshmallow. (Although I beg to differ on that last one as I hate waiting and I love eating treats.)

It's the act of creating, not what's created, that brings the joy, serves the soul, frees one's spirit. 

The world may appreciate your painting, buy your book, love your dance and eat your marshmallows, but that's not why you do what you do if you're a pro.  In Pressfield's book, becoming a pro means you come to the realization that creating your work is the greater reward than the creation itself or the accolades that come with it.  You finally get that being a master of your craft means you're always learning, you're always practicing to become better. And while validation is lovely to receive from others, that's not what turns you on. What really turns you on is your own process.

Second question answered: I don't know exactly what we'll do with the marshmallows just yet, but I can tell you that Uninhibited is the kind of retreat where we're always learning more about ourselves and each other moment to moment. It's also the kind of retreat where being closed or clever just doesn't work.  Being open and honest does and it's required. The truth is...you already are creative. The question is...are you creating?  For four and a half days, together we'll explore how we're creating ourselves, our work, our dance, our lives.

We'll create a painting we wreck, a writing we'll burn, a dance we'll do over and over again and a marshmallow we'll...still not sure what we'll do with those sticky gobs of sugar, but it will be fun as all get out.   

If any of this makes sense to you, if the odd and somewhat suggestive title intrigued you enough to come here to my website, if you're still reading and you're wondering what this next retreat in October is really all about, you and I should talk. Perhaps you'll be a part of it. 

Email me. Call me. Fill out the form. Have I got some marshmallows for you!     

The Great GiveAway

I'm not giving away a fresh coconut, but I am giving away something that's just as good, if not better. 

I'm not giving away a fresh coconut, but I am giving away something that's just as good, if not better. 

Sixteen days ago, I launched a Kickstarter campaign for my creative baby and gift to the world, Beach Dance. You can find out more about the campaign here and why we're raising funds. The reason I'm sharing the news of the campaign here is...

I am giving away (gifting) one of the 12 spots in the next Uninhibited Retreat in October.


Here's how you have a chance to "win" that spot...  

With two weeks left to go in the campaign, I'm pleased to say that we're already 60% funded towards our goal.  I'm feeling confident we'll raise the other 40% and I want to provide an extra incentive for people to make a pledge before the campaign ends on July 20 at 11pm Hawaii time.

Anyone who makes a contribution to the campaign between now (July 6 and July 20) and the last day of the campaign, will be entered into a drawing to "win" a spot in the next retreat. Accommodations and airfare are not included, but the retreat fee of $799 is on me. 

So if you're thinking you'd like to attend the next Uninhibited Retreat and you want a chance to possibly be a part of the twelve for free, head on over to Beach Dance's Kickstarter campaign page and make a contribution.

If the campaign is successfully funded, the drawing for the retreat spot will be on Monday, July 21.  I so hope I'll be able to give away a spot in the retreat to one of you!  

Geckos, Mangoes and Mai-Tais

Hawaii has some interesting wild life, produce and tropical libations. While you're here on Maui visiting, you're likely to encounter a few new critters (most of them won't hurt you, but it's good to know which ones would and which ones wouldn't), odd-looking fruits and $15 drinks with umbrellas stuck in them. Here are some key things to know and experience:

Critters - The good news is...there are no snakes in this state any where.  Well, maybe there are one or two illegal ones kept in cages in someone's house, but rest assured you will not come across any slithering reptiles in your travels. Geckos and lizards are plentiful here and they're harmless. In addition to eating the ugly bugs (cockroaches), geckos are great at making noises. Their chirps often sound like loud kisses. And then there's the cane spider. Imagine a very large tarantula with the ability to travel at mach five speed, Despite their somewhat terrifying presence, these arachnids are harmless. Go ahead and Google them or watch a YouTube video, but don't say I didn't warn you that they're creepy as all get out.  

The not-so-good news is...we do have a couple of creatures that can cause a bit of pain and anguish. Centipedes and scorpions live here, but fortunately they tend to stay outdoors and under dark, damp places. Never garden without gloves and don't go digging in the dirt without proper shoes. I'm not putting photos up of these nasty beasts (I don't want to completely freak you out), but here's the best advice I can give you if you happen to come across one - KILL IT!

Funky & Delicious Fruits -  Pineapple is delicious and mangoes are heavenly, but be a daring fruit foodie while you're here and try lilikoi, ulu, cherimoya or soursop. Rambutans look like something out of a Dr. Suess cartoon and taste like grapes.  Abiu looks like a lemon with very smooth skin and tastes like pear custard. One of my personal favorites is Jackfruit which tastes like juicy fruit gum and their insides are sticky as all get out. There's one fruit I have to mention that comes with a warning. If you're going to give durian a try, know that it smells A LOT worse than it tastes. It really is a sensory experience. In my opinion, a very stinky one.     

Mai-Tais, Pina Coladas & Lava Flows - These are probably the three most popular drinks that visitors order and depending on where you order them, they're either going to be outrageously expensive and delicious or really cheap and taste like crap. The best tropical concoctions are made with real fruit juices, home-made syrups and top shelf alcohol. I'm happy to give you my recommendations on where to go and what to order. And yes, I'm a cocktail snob.