women only retreat

No Men. No More.

Uninhibited is now a women only event. 

What I'm about to share does not diminish in any way the experience of the first Uninhibited Retreat, which had an equal amount of men and women. I LOVED that retreat for everything it was: a wonderful facilitating collaboration with a dear friend, a movement-based event that became so much more than dance, a roller coaster ride of emotions, a heart journey of hard and beautiful lessons, a plethora of awe-inspiring, vulnerable experiences, the beginning of something I wanted to offer for a long time. 

Two years ago when I brought Uninhibited into being, I fiercely wanted it to have both men and women in it.

Quite often in life, what you ask for, you get.

And so it was that the first time I offered this retreat in February 2014, there were six men and six women.  I felt excited and confident in facilitating a mixed gender group and this dozen in particular because I knew many of them personally prior to the retreat.  I'd attended many dance events where the dynamic energy that was created was due in part to there being both females and males.

Activities and meals were planned. Music and goody bags were created. I had some expectations on how the retreat might go and all of them were pretty much obliterated. There are things I can't share due to confidentiality and out of respect for others' choices. The sharing I'm doing here is from my perspective and my experience of the retreat and leads to the reason why I've decided to make all future Uninhibited retreats women only events. 

For several days, my home became their home. My heart and eyes opened up in ways that hadn't in years.  My birth name changed to the name I'm now called. It was a big deal. It was a game-changer. It transformed me. The retreat's tagline of "An experience where anything can happen and everything is possible" turned out to be my own ass-kicking, my own wake-up call. 

The last three retreats have been attended by women only.  The last three retreats have had 5-6 participants. The last three retreats have had most of the women staying at my house, not at other accommodations. What I fiercely wanted and received two years ago served me in many ways, my ego included.  

Since then, a Fierce Softening has been occurring. Perhaps you've heard me use this expression before. Perhaps it sounds familiar because it's the name I used for a ceremony I held in March 2014 where many of my friends gathered to celebrate my name change. Perhaps it sounds familiar because you're one of the people I've told that it's the name of my forthcoming book. Perhaps it will sound familiar when I say more about what a Fierce Softening is. 

Less ego involved. More soul invested.   

What I want now for Uninhibited, for my work in the world and for my life has changed.

I am NOT interested or involved in the next level, scaling up, maximizing profits, growing my list, increasing my success rate, or achieving "massively great outcomes" as Tony Robbin's current Facebook ad screams. Oh…I used to want these things. I chased after them for years. Bought the hype. Bought the online programs. Bought the bullshit. No more. Never again. Not me. 

I AM interested and invested in what's present, diving deep, minimizing excuses, strengthening my relationships, evolving my being and having meaningful experiences with others that make me and them come alive. Oh…and these things aren't about things. They're about feelings and people and presence.

The last three retreats with women only have shown me where I want to invest my soul. They've shown me a depth of heart and spirit and extreme vulnerability that's so fucking real and raw, it requires, it demands an audience that is so safe, so sacred that if getting naked is what one needs to do, there is no hesitation and nothing to stop one from doing so.  I know there are plenty of co-ed retreats and retreat spaces where nudity is a given and no one thinks twice about it.  I'm comfortable being naked in those settings, but Uninhibited is not one of those retreats. And no matter what someone says about "nudity not being an issue," mixed gender groups are distracting even without a single penis or vagina ever being seen. It's not our genitals that do the distracting. Trust me. I know this from a very tender place.  

This was a lot longer than I thought it would be. It was important to get it all out. It was important to say what's true for me and what's now true about the Uninhibited Retreats.

  • It is a women only event.
  • The retreat is limited to 8 participants. 
  • It is an all-inclusive experience. All participants retreat, eat and stay at my house.

Registration for the March 2016 retreat

opens December 1.