movement retreat

Mo betta!

The third Uninhibited Retreat was just as good as the first and the second was "mo betta."

"Mo betta" is an expression used in the Pidgin-English Hawaiian language that means "better than better, the best."  

While each of the Uninhibited retreats have been special in and of themselves, the content and the depth of this experience just keeps getting better and better every time. This has been my hope all along. When I created this particular event more than a year and a half ago,  I knew it was something I was committing to over the long-term. I wanted to make this event a consistent offering and I wanted  it to offer the kind of experience people never forget.  I didn't want it to be big numbers-wise. I wanted it to be big feeling-wise.  

And oh, how we want to feel the full and extraordinary meaning and mystery of our lives! 

It is evident  to me as both the facilitator and as one of the participants, we need experiences that encourage us to feel all of what we feel without having to worry about what others think or weaken whatever emotion within us that wants outward expression.  In this technological world, we crave time to slow down, to relish real face-to-face conversations, to savor skin-on-skin contact and to feel  our own and each other's most raw and beautiful presence.   

I want more of this in my own life.  I want more of these heart-full and spirit-filled connections with others.  I want more love, compassion and truth in the world.  And so...until the next Uninhibited Retreat, I will continue to open my heart, deepen my connection with spirit and feel all  that is my life.  I encourage you to do the same. 

The next Uninhibited Retreat is October 22-26 and registration opens July 1.   

On a whim...

"I'm going."

This two-word phrase could be my epitaph. It wouldn't be grammatically-correct because of course, I would already be gone, but it would reflect one of my life's most frequent verbal and behavioral expressions. Since I was a small child, I've bounced around somewhat akin to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Easily bored, always eager to try something new and explore the next best thing, the expression "I'm going" fits my personality to a tee.  

I appreciate spur-of-the-moment ideas, instinct and gut reactions, and spontaneous acts of what others might deem ridiculous and/or irresponsible behavior. I appreciate them because I do them myself quite frequently and I admire them because I think listening and acting on what feels right in the moment is incredibly brave.

The next Uninhibited Retreat is now just five weeks away and it's not too late to come to Maui and join us. There's still time to...

break the rules * ask your boss for time off * be daring * do something you really want to do * tell your spouse/partner "i'm going"

If you want or need four and a half of days of playing in paradise, spelunking into the depths of yourself in the sweet and safe company of others and you want to dance perhaps like you've never danced before, I invite, on a whim, I'm challenging you to follow that 'odd or capricious notion or desire, that sudden or freakish fancy' to come be a part of Uninhibited October 23-27.  I'm taking the next two weeks to finalize the plans for the retreat. You have two more weeks to say yes to this offering. 

I'd love to receive a call or email from you saying, "I'm going!"  My phone number is 808.268.4356 and you can connect with me via email here.