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We Are What We're Waiting For

Whatever it is we're waiting for -  wishing, hoping, praying, please-oh-please-can-I-have-it-now right under our noses. Actually, it's a little further down than that. Our deepest desires, most ardent aspirations and fierce fancies hang out in our hearts. We may think they live in our heads (because many of us, myself included, spend a lot of time in that analytical space), but our bodies are smarter than that.  

Our bodies know where desire or pain or hunger lives because our bodies feel.

But we don't trust our bodies as easily as we trust our heads. Thanks in large part to the media, we are exposed at a fairly young age not to love our bodies. No matter what we look like, there's a lotion, potion, magical cure to make our bodies better!  We begin believing that what we see and hear from others is the truth rather than tuning in to what's really true for us. Were we to trust the wisdom of our feelings more so than the erroneous stories we make up, we'd save ourselves a lot of grief and wasted time.

Time. When we're young we think we have an endless supply of it.  As we age, we feel its finite nature. Perhaps you are at a place in your life where you're tired of waiting. Perhaps you are hungering for some time to explore what holds you back and what moves you forward. Perhaps you really want to feel the truth of your being.   

What is it that you're waiting for? What might your heart, that pulsing life center of longing, want for you? 

In the spirit of Uninhibited (which sometimes means I say what I need to say, not necessarily what I want to admit), what I've been waiting for is for others to find out about this retreat without me having to tell them about it more than a couple of times.  (I know this is not how marketing works, but I wanted to believe that.)

What I want is a retreat full of curious travelers who are ripe for adventure and are ready to listen to their own wisdom.  If that describes you and if a $100 discount off the retreat fee is enticing, be in touch with me before August 31 because that's when the discount will disappear. You don't have much time to wait!