fall in love

The Truth Is...We're Going to Fall In Love

It's almost Valentine's Day - a national holiday dedicated to celebrating love. 

For me, every day is a holiday in which to celebrate love.

Love of self. Love of others. Love of nature. Love of dance. Love of creative expression. Love of life. There is so much to love and yet sometimes in the swirl of day-to-day living and the multitude of tasks begging for my attention, I lose sight of what's most important and forget to indulge in love-making and love-taking. For me, feeling free involves being able to both give love and receive it. If I stop the flow either way in any area of my life, that's when I get stuck.  And I hate feeling stuck.  I imagine you might feel this way sometimes, too.

Getting unstuck together is just one of the things we do during Uninhibited.

How do we best do that?  By falling in love with each other and by falling more in love with ourselves.  And how do we do that?  By being vulnerable and real. By showing up fully.  No holding back. No hiding out. By being willing to dive into the depths of ALL of who we are even when it scares the beejezus out of us. When we're given opportunities to express who we really are without fear of judgment or having to worry that someone is "out to fix us" if we share our struggles, this revealing of our stories, our truths, our humanity begins to un-stick us.  

Sometimes the fall is immediate. Sometimes it takes a day or two. But by the time the retreat is complete, we all will have fallen. We are gloriously, ridiculously giddy with the amount of love we are feeling.  I'll admit it - One of the reasons I have both facilitated and attended retreats for the past 15 years is because I'm addicted to that falling-in-love feeling. I'm a freedom-loving experience junkie. And the last bit of truth-telling for today - Once I fall in love with you, that love sticks around . That's the kind of stuck-ness I don't mind at all.

Come fall with me.   

The next Uninhibited is six weeks away and registration for the March retreat closes in just 20 days. So if you're thinking about joining us, don't delay. I hope you make every day a love-filled Valentine's Day.