deeply seen heard and felt

To be deeply seen, heard and felt

Tomorrow the sixth Uninhibited Retreat begins. It is a gathering unlike I've had before. It is a reunion of sorts. Five people have returned from the first retreat held two and half years ago to dance again and spend four days being and becoming more of who we really are, together.

Back then, there were twelve of us; six women and six men. Back then, I didn't know I would create an experience for us to gather again. A lot has changed since February 2014. The retreat is different. Our lives are different. The world is different. And yet...there's something that's remained the same and that is...

We all still hunger to be deeply seen, heard and felt.  

And that is most likely the main reason I created this retreat experience. We all share these basic needs of being human and wanting to belong. We crave connection and community, but sometimes don't know how to ask for it. We want others to know who we really are, but sometimes we hold back expressing how we really feel because we're afraid. We need each other in order to learn, grow and live our lives in ways we never would if we were alone. Despite being surrounded by others, so many of us feel alone - unseen, unheard, not felt.  And that is just NOT acceptable for me. 

So as I have become more committed in the last 32 months to being fiercely passionate and vocal about embodying the qualities in ourselves that we most wish to see in the world, the retreat has changed to reflect that. Through our dance and our conversations, we explore what being embodied really means to us. To embody love we must be love. To embody freedom we must be free. To embody presence we must be an expression of it.

We are love.

We are free.

We are presence.

These truths are often and easily forgotten when we get caught up in the pace of our ever-changing lives. During Uninhibited, we slow that pace down. Together, we take time out to remember, recognize, reclaim and rejoice in who we really are. When we do that for ourselves and for each other, freedom becomes our regular way of being rather than it being something we're trying to achieve. 

I invite you to join me March 16-20, 2017 on Maui for the next Uninhibited Retreat - an embodied experience of creative expression, freedom and presence. To dance and play. To see and be seen. To speak and be heard. To listen to our own needs and have them met. To feel our own temporary and yet eternal existence and each other's as we experience five extraordinary days together on a beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Registration opens up November 1. Space is available for up to eight women depending on selection of single or shared accommodations.  Perhaps you'll be one of them?  Be in touch if you have questions or if you want to be a part of the March retreat. 

For me, these next four days of re-retreating with some of the amazing people who were at the first Uninhibited and who helped to create and make this retreat what it has now become, will be an important and beautiful reminder of how much I need them.