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The Significance of Stopping Your Regularly-Scheduled Programming


I watched the sun rise from the ocean this morning. This is not my usual perspective. Most evenings, I stop whatever I'm doing to go outside and watch the sun disappear into the line between sea and sky.  On the evenings when I choose to stay in and not see the sunset, I feel somewhat out-of-sorts, like I've missed something significant or I've blown off an opportunity to feel my own significance. I sometimes feel that same way when I don't make time in my life to experience silence and solitude.

For the past two weeks, I've been away from my regularly-scheduled programming and surroundings. I was supposed to be in Bora Bora, but that is another story for another time. Instead, I traveled to Portland, Oregon and the island of Kauai to spend time with the silence within me and to search out the silence in the places and spaces I visited.

What I've encountered during this time of self-reflection has been quite illuminating. I'm sharing it here because with the next Uninhibited Retreat happening next month, it speaks to something we'll be exploring together which is befriending the silence we're usually so afraid of.      

The silence I've experienced hasn't been without noise. There's been the irritating sound of cars passing by at all hours of the day from two of the three beds I've slept in. There's been the soothing sound of the ocean while I've sat on a stretch of beach all by myself. There's been the horrific sound of children screaming while being gunned down in a Florida high school. There's been the sweet sound of shared stillness with a few friends. I mention all of these things because no matter where I've spent time in the last fourteen days, there's always been both beauty and terror accompanying me inside my own mind. 

So while I can "escape" my usual routines and patterns of behavior by changing the view, the place and the people, I can never not take my own head and heart with me wherever I go. This isn't the illuminating part I mention above that I experienced. It's this...

Wherever I go, will I show up for myself and for others significantly no matter the noise? 

And what I mean when I say 'show up' is to be fully present to what is.  And what I mean when I say 'significantly' is to bring my full presence to myself and to others under all circumstances.      

This is a fucking tall order. This is not for the faint of heart. This is a full-on reckoning and recognition of the soul.

In the last two weeks, there were some situations I encountered in which my soul soared and there were others in which my soul faltered. As a human being, I think this is to be expected. As a never-ending presence, I am aware of something significant having occurred within this head, heart and body I call 'mine'.     

When you stop your regularly-scheduled programming, whether it's through your own personal time-out or a planned retreat with others, a myriad of possibilities exist to become more aware of not only who you are, but what you are in the overall swirl and whirl of what we call 'life'.  This can be both a beautiful and terrifying experience and it can be the very thing you've been searching for all your life. 

Want to experience a lot of beauty and perhaps a bit of terror as your own personal illuminations and others' are revealed in a four and a half day retreat on Maui?  

One, possibly two spots have become available in the next Uninhibited Retreat that's happening March 15-19. If you want to join us, you've gotta jump in before March 1. What decision might you make in the next nine days that will stop your regularly-scheduled programming and get you excited about traveling to a place where your significance will be seen, honored and celebrated? 

Let's explore that beautiful and terrifying space of self-illumination together.  



An Uninhibited Question & Answer

What can your friends count on you for? 

I just returned from a sweet weekend of dance, delicious meals, dramatic weather and deep connection with some of my favorite people on the planet.  I would do pretty much anything for any one of these six friends of mine in the photo above.  

I would dance in the pouring down rain with them. 

I would buy them a meal, a bottle of wine, a plane ticket  and especially something special that they would want, but might not buy for themselves.

I would hold their gaze and not look away when they needed someone to see them. 

I would hold their hands in mine, hug them  hard and not let go until they do. 

I would tell them the truth even if it's hard to hear. 

I would be there for them when they asked, when they least expected it and when they needed someone or something, but didn't know who or how to ask.   

My friends can count on me to be fiercely loyal, relentlessly upbeat, ridiculously silly and real.

What is it that you give to your friends without a second thought?  What are the qualities of being others can rely on you for?  And if you had you  as a friend, could you count on you? 

You can count on being asked questions during this retreat that  will make your mind think, your heart feel and your spirit relax. When you take time out to delve into how you live your life and what's most important, thinking, feeling, relaxing  (and dancing!) is bound to happen.

Seven more weeks until the next retreat begins. Four more weeks to decide if you'll be a part of it. Registration closes October 1.  

Unravel. Unveil. Unfurl.

Unravel - to separate or disentangle the threads of, to free from complication or difficulty, make plain or clear, solve, to take apart, undo, destroy.

Unveil - to remove a veil or other covering, to reveal or disclose, to become revealed.

Unfurl - to spread or shake out from a furled (securely bound) state. 


How might I unravel the threads of  long-held beliefs which have kept me feeling unworthy ? 

To be free of the complications I choose to suffer from and take apart insignificant old stories...

Oh ,to remove the veil of social graces  and reveal how I truly feel !

To shake out and shake off the shackles I've worn and to unfurl into a better state of being.


Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to be a part of an extraordinary experience where unraveling, unveiling and unfurling is not only a giant (as in really big and beautiful) undertaking,but a grand adventure of the human body and spirit. The details are here and registration begins here.

registration is now open for the next Uninhibited Retreat ~ March 19-23, 2015. 

Frolicking Popsicles

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me how the retreat this past weekend went. I waited until the right words found their way from my heart into my mouth. 

"Fucking phenomenal," was my response.

And now as I sit here staring at a blinking cursor, I wonder where oh where to begin. How might I describe to a potential future participant what fucking phenomenal means and what Uninhibited Retreats are really all about?  

Every retreat is different because there are different players. Who shows up and how they show up will definitely influence what happens during the retreat. Yes, I have a format, a series of activities, a schedule of sorts that can be played out, but creating it together as we experience ourselves and each other is where the real magic happens. And my God, the magic that appeared and the amazing tricks that were performed with five women was off the charts!

Halloween is just around the corner so perhaps that's why I use the word tricks above, but let me be clear about what I mean when I say tricks.  We didn't turn cartwheels (although we could have). We turned our hearts inside out and shared some of our secrets. We didn't make rabbits appear out of hats. We made ourselves appear to each other as the perfect and flawed human beings we are.  We didn't perform to impress others with our wisdom and wit.  We played full out to express what needed to be moved and said.

We danced and laughed. We wrote and cried. We spoke our stories through and then soaked them in the pool.  We ate delicious meals and we dressed in our finest gear. We drew pictures, lit candles, sat in the sun by a waterfall and uttered our silent prayers.  This and so much more were the delightful, frightful and insightful treats that we, together, unfettered and unfurled.         

Amy, Margo, Raven and Lyssa. Thank you. I have, once again, transformed into more of who I really am.

What are Uninhibited Retreats really all about?


The next Uninhibited Retreat is March 19-23, 2015 and the registration doors will fling open on December 1.  


On a whim...

"I'm going."

This two-word phrase could be my epitaph. It wouldn't be grammatically-correct because of course, I would already be gone, but it would reflect one of my life's most frequent verbal and behavioral expressions. Since I was a small child, I've bounced around somewhat akin to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Easily bored, always eager to try something new and explore the next best thing, the expression "I'm going" fits my personality to a tee.  

I appreciate spur-of-the-moment ideas, instinct and gut reactions, and spontaneous acts of what others might deem ridiculous and/or irresponsible behavior. I appreciate them because I do them myself quite frequently and I admire them because I think listening and acting on what feels right in the moment is incredibly brave.

The next Uninhibited Retreat is now just five weeks away and it's not too late to come to Maui and join us. There's still time to...

break the rules * ask your boss for time off * be daring * do something you really want to do * tell your spouse/partner "i'm going"

If you want or need four and a half of days of playing in paradise, spelunking into the depths of yourself in the sweet and safe company of others and you want to dance perhaps like you've never danced before, I invite, on a whim, I'm challenging you to follow that 'odd or capricious notion or desire, that sudden or freakish fancy' to come be a part of Uninhibited October 23-27.  I'm taking the next two weeks to finalize the plans for the retreat. You have two more weeks to say yes to this offering. 

I'd love to receive a call or email from you saying, "I'm going!"  My phone number is 808.268.4356 and you can connect with me via email here.