being inhibited

How are you...really?

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Being inhibited serves no one...most of all, you.  

As an example, think about how many times someone has asked you, "How are you?"  Consider how often your response was "Fine" when 'fine' was the last thing you truly felt in that moment the question was asked.  

Maybe what you were really feeling was sad or pissed off.  Maybe you were feeling lonely or indifferent and didn't want to answer that damn question.  Maybe you were so happy or incredibly horny you didn't believe you could answer that truthfully.  

Saying how you really feel might make others feel uncomfortable, but that's not your issue to take on. The issue worthy of taking on is being honest with yourself and expressing what's present and real within you.

How do we do that?

How do we say how we feel or tell others what we think and not take the easy (sometimes the less painful) way out by offering up something that we know is less than the truth?   

My response a couple years ago would have been...carefully-which would be to edit as soon as I encountered resistance. My response  nowadays  is... mindfully with care - which is to pay attention to what's present within me first and then  speak from that place of knowing what's true for me and keep going. 

And how do we respond mindfully with care to any question or anything that comes our way in life that might inhibit us from being real with others? 

Listen first.   To our bodies, our inner voices, our own unique experience . Speak second. With words, gestures, tones and pauses that bring forth what's most true within us in the moment we're expressing it.   

Expressing how you really feel and telling people what you really think doesn't always make friends and doesn't always make sense, but in all ways, telling what's true for you will set you free. 

The next time someone asks you "How are you?" Give them more than just "Fine."  Give them your truth. 


I'm excited about next month's retreat.  There are currently five women who will be a part of this experience and I'd love to see 2-3 more people join us. There are 10 days left before the "doors close"  and the chance to dance in this retreat is complete.  March 1 is the final day to register.