a deep listening

A Deep Listening

It's been two months since the last Uninhibited Retreat. It was a beautiful, small gathering and once again, it opened my heart and renewed my spirit in ways that intimate and illuminating shared experiences often can do.  I am honored to have spent several days dancing with and diving into the depths of ourselves with these courageous and delightful women.

There's a certain magic, a palpable yet hard-to-explain feeling that's unique to every retreat I've facilitated and/or attended. A temporary community comes together, extending unearned trust in an experience and in each other and that, in and of itself, is where the magic lies. Retreats offer a safe space and place to give of ourselves to something we might not normally have in our day to day lives.  I know from having been a steady retreat participant and facilitator over the last twenty years, we need to be with each other in creative and curious, open and tender truth-telling ways. We human beings are hungry for experiences that help us remember what's really important in our lives and remind us of our own humanity.

We are a fragile species on the edge of tearing one another and this world apart.

And so what is one to do when filled with longing to be more compassionate and considerate, more calm and centered, more loving and forgiving?  How do we best take care of ourselves so that our lives feel both meaningful and full of possibility?  

We deeply listen.  

Sometimes solitude is best to delve into one's own mind and body and all that it contains; thoughts, beliefs, memories, emotions, feelings.  Sometimes it's better to explore all those things in the company of others. For me, I've found a sweet in-between spot where solo contemplation and group exploration nurture each other. 

In support of that above named sweet spot, I am about to embark on a retreat adventure overseas that I'm really excited about.  I also recently made a decision I felt was important to honor my own process and personal desires which was to invite familiar friends to join me in Maui in October. What this means is...

The next Uninhibited Retreat will be in March 2017. 

The deep listening that's taking place within me needs this time to reflect and remember what makes me feel most free. Upon my return, I trust those longings of mine will have been well-attended to and the Uninhibited Retreat will have evolved into the kind of embodied experience that holds strong appeal for women who not only love to dance, but who want to be deeply seen, heard and felt through their creative expression and presence. I'll be ready November 1 to welcome in those who might consider joining me.