Safe Spaces for our Shadows to Shine

We Need Safe Spaces for our Shadows to Shine


I've named them Shadow Spheres; those darker sides of ourselves we don't want others to see.The ones I've penned in the above picture are just a few of mine. I don't usually go around announcing or exhibiting these qualities with pride. Oh no, most of the time, I do my best to hide these not-so-sweet feelings like I do my cellulite-ridden thighs in long shorts.

Here's the thing about those darker sides of ourselves and less-than-smooth legs, no matter what we might do to cover them up, they still exist.  No matter how much I want to deny the fact that I am as much dark as I am light and that my body is aging, the truth is I always feel better when these feelings are allowed to shine and my thighs are exposed to sunshine. 

Plenty of people have no reservations when it comes to expressing their Shadow Spheres. Consider American politics right now. Spewing hate and sarcasm left and right (political pun intended) there appears to be nothing a candidate won't say to garnish a few more votes by getting the electorate all stirred-up. We don't need to be more stirred up into a frenetic and fearful place where we're pitted against one another.  We need to sit the hell down, look each other square in the eye and be willing to listen as we share what's really beneath all the hate, the disgust and the mistrust with each other.

Obviously, this is not something I'm suggesting for political reasons only.

This kind of communication-  the kind where you actually see the other person and engage in revealing and respectful conversations- the kind where both shadow and light can coincide together - the kind where you're given an opportunity to experience how and why another person feels the way they do - is so desperately needed now in this world.


I think many of us are scared shit-less to express ALL of who we are because we've either never had a safe enough space or place to do so or we've done so in the past only to be silenced because of the judgment of others.  I think people often hide behind their online persona when in reality they're silently suffering from their own shadow because it has no safe outlet offline.  I think we need more safe spaces for our shadows to shine so we can learn to accept  the fact that those darker sides of ourselves are as much a part of who we are as the lighter ones. There is tremendous freedom in accepting this fact. 

The Uninhibited Retreat is one of the those safe spaces.

There's still enough time and enough room for you to join us for the next event March 24-28. Registration remains open until March 1.