Frolicking popsicles

Frolicking Popsicles

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me how the retreat this past weekend went. I waited until the right words found their way from my heart into my mouth. 

"Fucking phenomenal," was my response.

And now as I sit here staring at a blinking cursor, I wonder where oh where to begin. How might I describe to a potential future participant what fucking phenomenal means and what Uninhibited Retreats are really all about?  

Every retreat is different because there are different players. Who shows up and how they show up will definitely influence what happens during the retreat. Yes, I have a format, a series of activities, a schedule of sorts that can be played out, but creating it together as we experience ourselves and each other is where the real magic happens. And my God, the magic that appeared and the amazing tricks that were performed with five women was off the charts!

Halloween is just around the corner so perhaps that's why I use the word tricks above, but let me be clear about what I mean when I say tricks.  We didn't turn cartwheels (although we could have). We turned our hearts inside out and shared some of our secrets. We didn't make rabbits appear out of hats. We made ourselves appear to each other as the perfect and flawed human beings we are.  We didn't perform to impress others with our wisdom and wit.  We played full out to express what needed to be moved and said.

We danced and laughed. We wrote and cried. We spoke our stories through and then soaked them in the pool.  We ate delicious meals and we dressed in our finest gear. We drew pictures, lit candles, sat in the sun by a waterfall and uttered our silent prayers.  This and so much more were the delightful, frightful and insightful treats that we, together, unfettered and unfurled.         

Amy, Margo, Raven and Lyssa. Thank you. I have, once again, transformed into more of who I really am.

What are Uninhibited Retreats really all about?


The next Uninhibited Retreat is March 19-23, 2015 and the registration doors will fling open on December 1.