Feel Good Train

It's almost that time again...

In a little more than two months from now, the fifth Uninhibited Retreat will begin.  I'm just as excited about this upcoming adventure as I was about the last one and the one before that and the one before that and...you understand. You understand, right?

You understand the feelings of anticipation and wonder, joy and delight, enthusiasm and desire. I know you do because I know life gives all of us plenty of opportunities to experience these feelings. I also know life is quite unpredictable and at times we are completely thrown off the 'feel good' train and onto a different mode of transportation or way of being.

I got thrown off that train in such a sudden and shocking way three weeks ago that I'm just now finding my way back to the familiar way I usually travel which is open and lighthearted, kind and compassionate, happy and free.  It's taken some time, a lot of dancing, many tears shed and several supportive conversations to help me get back on track so-to-speak. Even though I'm feeling better today, I know that grief is the kind of train that makes multiple stops and never arrives at a final destination although acceptance is eventually the ideal station to retire that train.  

What do 'feel good' (or any other type of) trains have to do with the next Uninhibited Retreat? To keep the train analogy going a little longer...

Uninhibited is an "All Aboard" kind of experience. 

I ask participants to bring all of who they are into this retreat. All of their trains. All of their feelings. All of their ways of being. Why?  So we can ride the trains we love the most. So we can feel the ways we want to feel. So we can be who we really are.  

Shared vulnerability in small numbers (of people) creates a sweet intimacy between all of us and helps to insure a safe space for everyone. 

So whether you're like me and you've recently been tossed off your regular 'feel good' train and want back on or you're wondering what riding a 'feel good' train would be like or you're happy and content with the train you're riding however you're curious to know more about how you can have the best travel experience, this retreat may be something you'll want to be a part of.   

Registration is open for the next retreat until March 1. If you decide to join us, I promise this will be a beautiful train ride you'll always remember.