13 delicious details

The Countdown Begins!

Tomorrow, July 1, is when registration opens for the next Uninhibited Retreat which is happening October 22-26.

While the event is still three and a half months away, you know how quickly time flies and October will be here sooner than you think. Starting to look for reasonably-priced airline tickets now is much better than three months down the calendar road when registration  closes October 1.

 Perhaps what you don't know (and need) in order to make a decision whether this retreat would be the ideal experience for you  is to get a sneak peak of what I'm going to call...

~The 13 Delicious Details of the Uninhibited Retreats ~ 


This is not a huge conference with name tags.  It's cozy and intimate and you'll know everyone's name before you even arrive. There are just 13 people. Sometimes less, but definitely no more than that.

Each day of the retreat is a full one. From 8am to 8pm, we go all out for 12 hours. And just in case  that gave you pause, we take breaks during the day. Naps are highly encouraged.

You will laugh at least 11 times during the retreat (it will probably be more) and there's a good chance you might cry this many times as well. Aching bellies and snotty noses go well together.

You will hear (and dance to) a minimum of 10 songs you've never heard before. And you'll get all the playlists of the music we dance and listen to during the retreat! 

You will be delighted by the 9 or so items in your island goody bag. 

It will take only 8 minutes for you to fall asleep each night. (See Juicy Detail #12)

You will learn and/or be surprised by at least  7 things about yourself. This is a promise and a fact.

Your accommodations are not included in the retreat fee, however I have room in my house for up to 6 people and can offer you significantly reduced rates compared to other places you'll find nearby.  Early registration helps secure those more affordable rates at chez moi. 

Considering you need to arrive on island at least the day before the retreat begins (Wednesday) and you need to stay until it ends (Monday at noon)...attending Uninhibited requires a minimum 5 night stay on the island of Maui. No arm-twisting required, right?   

You will learn at least 4 Hawaiian words. Aloha is lovely, but you already knew that one so it doesn't count.

We eat 3 scrumptious (primarily vegetarian) meals a day and chocolate for dessert is a given.

You can pay the $799  retreat fee in 2 payments. $300 when you register. $499 on October 1.  

You can trust this 1 retreat to offer you an experience you'll never forget. 

I invite you to join me in October for the next Uninhibited Retreat.   

Bring on the deliciousness!