An Uninhibited Question & Answer

What can your friends count on you for? 

I just returned from a sweet weekend of dance, delicious meals, dramatic weather and deep connection with some of my favorite people on the planet.  I would do pretty much anything for any one of these six friends of mine in the photo above.  

I would dance in the pouring down rain with them. 

I would buy them a meal, a bottle of wine, a plane ticket  and especially something special that they would want, but might not buy for themselves.

I would hold their gaze and not look away when they needed someone to see them. 

I would hold their hands in mine, hug them  hard and not let go until they do. 

I would tell them the truth even if it's hard to hear. 

I would be there for them when they asked, when they least expected it and when they needed someone or something, but didn't know who or how to ask.   

My friends can count on me to be fiercely loyal, relentlessly upbeat, ridiculously silly and real.

What is it that you give to your friends without a second thought?  What are the qualities of being others can rely on you for?  And if you had you  as a friend, could you count on you? 

You can count on being asked questions during this retreat that  will make your mind think, your heart feel and your spirit relax. When you take time out to delve into how you live your life and what's most important, thinking, feeling, relaxing  (and dancing!) is bound to happen.

Seven more weeks until the next retreat begins. Four more weeks to decide if you'll be a part of it. Registration closes October 1.