Unravel. Unveil. Unfurl.

Unravel - to separate or disentangle the threads of, to free from complication or difficulty, make plain or clear, solve, to take apart, undo, destroy.

Unveil - to remove a veil or other covering, to reveal or disclose, to become revealed.

Unfurl - to spread or shake out from a furled (securely bound) state. 


How might I unravel the threads of  long-held beliefs which have kept me feeling unworthy ? 

To be free of the complications I choose to suffer from and take apart insignificant old stories...

Oh ,to remove the veil of social graces  and reveal how I truly feel !

To shake out and shake off the shackles I've worn and to unfurl into a better state of being.


Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to be a part of an extraordinary experience where unraveling, unveiling and unfurling is not only a giant (as in really big and beautiful) undertaking,but a grand adventure of the human body and spirit. The details are here and registration begins here.

registration is now open for the next Uninhibited Retreat ~ March 19-23, 2015.